Saturday, October 24, 2009

real holiday begins

after turning myself into panda-pandai-bercakap for about 2 weeks, i'm free now!this is what we call FREEEEEDDDOOMMMM!!!yeay!

last day of class was on 16th oct 2009 but i'd one more assgnmt to submit on 20th oct.therefore, i declare 20th oct 2009 as my VICTORY DAY! thanks Chris for ur kindness~~*wink*

so, my holiday starts with malaysian night:when malaysians see orange a.k.a when orange isn't just a colour..nice meh! have a great meal.for the GOD sake, i ate a lot dat night.mcm org kebuluran xjumpe mknn seminggu..xcaye?
bukti die i langsung xpay attention kt perfrmance..sorry guys..i'm so damn hungry. but i like razif's video presentation; 1 malaysia.best2..
the best thing dat night apart from food, the pic session wth senior yg dis year da nk graduate..=_="..sedey lak nk pisah..isk..iskk..1 more thing, for da very 1st time i wear dress..heehhee..i like! tp trase trlebey ayu plak..@_@

n then i abeskn mase kt bilik the day after smbl marathon korean series; when it's a night..best2..suke!unpredictable cite tu..3rd day pon same..marathon movies..

yesterday, i went to weta cave!cool gile~dpt tgk behind the scene cite lord of the ring,narnia,king kong..tau cmne diorg buat prop..production die cool gilak!dpt tgk dpn2 frodonye cncn..xnyesal pegi..pastu odw blik brnti tepi pntai,ingt nk picnic tp sbb it's so cold,decide mkn dlm kete je..n then around 6.30 pm arrive at stafford..

today xbuat pe except g keje+blik masak ngn che nad tok umah trbuke sok..especially for akak2+warge stafford yg da nk graduate..tq akak2+kwn2 laki kt stafford.korang rowk!

Monday, October 19, 2009

hidup makin sunyi

hidup makin sunyi bile..
lecture da xde tok diponteng
tutorial da abes tok ade mkn2 free smbl dgr songs
assignment yg transform-aku-jd-panda-pandai-cakap sume da submit
test eng yg susah-tahap-nak-mati da dijawab ngn mengarutnye
test alin yg tak-yah-pk-sume-ade-dlm-buku da jawb
open house da abes
kawan-kawn kt mlysia bz ngn exam
housemate trchenta bz packing brg nk blik esok..isk..isk(hv a safe journay dear!)
senior2 cohort 4 yg aku syg gile2 da nk blik
conclusionnye:aku kesunyian~
sekian, terime kasih