Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tulip Festival~

today, i go to botanical garden for tulip festival celebration organized by Wellington. first time of my life i see lots of tulip with my own eyes. GOSH!!!It's so beautiful.lots of colour.everyone enjoys the scenery so much.i go there along with my friends;yana, hema, estee, geam, grace n abol.we take series n series of pics.we also meet people who are sooooo interested with Malaysian people n we've been models for a while..hehehehe..funny lol!

i've upload the pics in my fb..pls have a look..tq..^_^

Friday, September 25, 2009

open house punye cite!

i just coming back from our cohort open house at mckenzies. and i tell u it was awesome!!!the best open house i've ever had.everything was perfect!
it started at 7.00 pm and at that time i was just headg back from kak jiejah's house. at first, it was like so quite.just us standing there. but later, there were a group of people coming from downstair and they were my friends..the clock tickd n people came n gone.the house was full and we had to request yana's house for 2nd place.some people had to move over so that everyone felt comfortable.

the menu for tonight were mee kari, nasi impit, kuah kacang, lodeh,nasi hujan panas with ayam masak merah n acar, cocktail, tiramisu, cookies, cakes, syrup, rendang, puding, many of them..and we run out of them after a moment. we had to cook other meals so that everyone could eat. we were so sorry for the 'kekurangan makann'.hehehehe..

the reaction from wellingtonians a.k.a kiwis...
- delicious..i'm full but still want to eat..
- never see so many people in one time like many malaysians and
they are so friendly...
- it looks nice..i should try this one..
- what's this?u make this by urself?awesome!
- i like those rice so much..n the cookies yummy..i should come to
must be lot of food like these..
- i'm not vege, so i can eat anythng..awesome!
- is it ur own recipe?or mlaysian people love to create the new one?never taste it
- can i hv extra 1?hehehehe

the reaction from wellingtonians a.k.a malaysians...
- sedap weyh..sape msk lodeh tu?
- nasi hujan panas da abes?ruginye...
- nak tmbh kuah kcg ke?kitorg tunggu kuah kcg smpai bru gerak..hehehe
- tiramisu sedap gile..
- pinggan2!
- pergh..aku nmpk mee kari, lodeh, nasi hujan panas..
- puding sedapla..nak lg ley x?
- ni dh kali kelime aku tmbh mknn..
- korg nk blik da?aku xnk blik g..mkn x abes g ni..jap g nk tmbh g..
- nnt buat open house lg jmput tau..wajib..hehehehe

p/s:rugi sape2 xdtg..nxt year kitorg buat lg..IA..

open house punye cite!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

kisah si pemijak kepala,si backstabber sejati dan si berubah hati

org ckp, bile kite buat baik ngn org laen, kite dpt bnde yg same;org buat baik ngn kite kdg2 aku rase cm kene 'pijak kpl'.bnyk kali da tp buat snyp nk gtau.kang klu burst dpn2 lain lak jd.awal2 dlu ok bile da lame2,xley thn gak.sbb tu stiap kali aku rase aku nk trsrmpk@jumpe die,aku nk tgk muke die.nympah+sakit hati+twr ati.sblm ni ade org ckp aku cm kmceng je ngn die.tu kt public yg sbnr aku je yg tau cmne.myb org2 yg 'pijak kpl' aku x prsn bnde ni tp aku ngaku yg aku hipokrit dpn org laen tp hipokrit aku brsebab.sebab korg2 kwn aku,aku xnk org laen tau ape yg korg2 da buat kt aku. dn aku rase da mcm2 da aku buat tok buat ko hepi+rase dsyngi.bnyk aku buang mase aku tok buat ko gmbire tp cm sie2 je.dah la.cukupla stkt ni je.aku nk kmbali kepde diri aku yg dlu.xpk sgt psl org laen sbb aku love to be alone.suke studi sorg2,suke window shopping sorg2,suke mkn sorg2,suke dok sorg2.sbb aku tau bile aku xdeal ngn org,aku xskit semenjak 2menjak ni, aku suke pk psl org laen..trutamenye org2 sekeliling aku trmasukla si 'pemijak2 kpl' yg handal ni.mak aku prnh ckp yg setiap org brbeze,ade care msing2 nk deal ngn org laen. tp sume org brotak kan?xkn xley pk kot ape yg ko da buat. otak ade,pk la!!!!!

pastu aku cukup BENCI ngn backstabber!!!!smlm aku da jmpe sorg lg backstabber.yg ni dlu lg aku prasn tp aku xbuat conclusion g.smlm da trbukti mmg die bckstabbr sejati.dr dlu xbrubh2 lg.pesanan tok backstbbr tu:'aku taula cite tu.da klu org cite rhsia kt ko,jgnla g jaja cite kt org laen!.'klu cite ko kene dump ngn bf sbb main kayu tige ngn org laen,mesti ko malu kn???

si berubh hati ni pon 1.xphm2 lg ke yg org tu syg gile2 kt ko.snggp terjun sungai nk amek selipar jepun ko yg hrge 6-7 hinngt hanyut dek ko still gak kuar ngn mmt yg aku pon xtau asl-usul.ko tau pape ke psl mmt tu?klu stkt muke hensem tp pisau cukur buat pe?kwn kite ckp die slalu tgk ko kuar ngn mamat tu..brkepit sane sini.yg ko nye bf lak dok jauh nun kt ovrc[uk] ingt ko setia la..xkuar ngn laki laen..brkepit br2..klu ko da x syg kt bf ko tu, ckp je.kesian kt die..ingt ko setia,syg kt die tp kt blkg maen kayu tige. klu aku jd ko, mest mnyesl gile.ssh nk dpt org cm bf ko la kwn!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

never been this far

there are only several days left before aidilfitri eid. i wonder what my mom's doing right now? maybe sewing our new hari raya curtain since last two weeks she was quite busy measuring those windows at the main room. my papa? painting the front gate i guess,like usual.want to know my papa's secret??he loves painting the same gate every year.non-stop!we used to ask him change the gate but he refused.i don't know what sooo special about that gate except it's eldest brother?except busying himself working all days, he has to take care of his new baby, Qaireen Aleesya and naughty-yet-cute Qaseh. what about my one and only sister, kak chik? kuih raye la....ape lg.......sape2 nak kuih raye, leh order delivery..\(^0^)/..
abg mie is on his way home i guess. he just finished his study 2-3 days ago n now waiting for the interview..hope he arrives safely..syahir..well...i don't know what he's doing..maybe sleeping, eating, doing some community work and stuff...i really don't have any idea about him.. my little brother~he probably at his preparation class right now..

and i???????sitting at my desk, writing my blog while listening to hari raya songs, with several packs of tissue on the desk and assignment below those tissues...i never think that i'll be this far from my family..*sigh*...
but hey, it's ok...need to survive n experience this moment..look forward to go to sakura festival at palmerston north this saturday and circus prom this sunday at Micheal Fowler Centre!

p/s: klu raye ari ahad, raye kt circus promla nnt..hehehe
kpd abah,ma,abg2ku yg budiman lg baik hati, kakak yg memahami, adik
yg hensem lg tinggi serta anak sedare ku yg kecik+xphm pape g, slamat
hari raye aidilfitri, maaf zahir dn batin..klu gmbr raye last year abg mie
xde, taun nie ain lak xde..xpe2, jgn sedey2 ain..duit raye tetap
da jnji nk kasi..hahahaha..^_^

Thursday, September 10, 2009

i miss u

when i look at the notification side in my fb, there's one thing captures my attention.
"upload pic of your grandparents.keep the memory alive"

suddenly i remember my late grandfather and grandmother on my father's side. my late grandfather was a great man. although he looked very strict but i know he had a kind and soft heart inside. unfortunately, i've little memory with my grandfather and i'm very sad since i realise how much i miss him now. i still remember during my child years, he and my grandmother used to take care of me while my parents at work. my grandparents' house was near the river and he always went there for fishing. i used to follow him around without telling my grandmother bcz i knew she won't allow me to go along. owh, i forget to mention that i used to call him 'baba'. Baba loved to sleep and before sleeping, he made sure that my grandmother was ok. sadly, that's only the memory remains about baba. he died because of 'jantung berlubang' when i was in standard 2.

my grandmother used to live with my family after baba left. since my house is a double stories, she can't bare to live with us since there's stairs to climb on.she can't walk bcz of her legs.she don't want my family felt burden bcz of her disability to walk like a normal person. so, she decided to go back to her own house. but we reluctant to send her and decided the best way was to bring her to my uncle's house nearby. i went there to see her everyday. brought her food, helped her take a bath, combed her hair and even dressed her up. i felt happy when i did all those things. until i got an offer to a boarding school. i can't see her everyday but i was ok with that since my brothers were around. i thought all the days, months and years she lived there, she was happy but i was wrong. my s***** cousins didn't take care of her that good since they cn't bare with my grandmother's way of speak. i knew that sometimes she quite harsh but bare with it ok.she was our grandmother.she used to take care of all of us without any complaint. i asked my father to bring her back to our house and my brother slept with her everynight in front of tv. i was happy when i saw her eating her breakfast, lunch and dinner. she used to tell me her secret. she ate nothing several days before since she didn't hv anything to eat n she was sick, didn't hv any drive to move. s****** cousins!!
one day, i used to see my grandmother crying in the toilet while taking her bath. she told me that she wanted to die so that my family can live freely without thinking of her. she missed my grandfather alot but didn't tell anyone about that, even my father......and i cried with her that day....n i don't stop crying until now..everytime i remember her face, i sort of sad....bcz i miss her so much...if i can turn the time backward, i want to love her all my heart and take care of her every single breath of mine.....

i miss u