Friday, September 25, 2009

open house punye cite!

i just coming back from our cohort open house at mckenzies. and i tell u it was awesome!!!the best open house i've ever had.everything was perfect!
it started at 7.00 pm and at that time i was just headg back from kak jiejah's house. at first, it was like so quite.just us standing there. but later, there were a group of people coming from downstair and they were my friends..the clock tickd n people came n gone.the house was full and we had to request yana's house for 2nd place.some people had to move over so that everyone felt comfortable.

the menu for tonight were mee kari, nasi impit, kuah kacang, lodeh,nasi hujan panas with ayam masak merah n acar, cocktail, tiramisu, cookies, cakes, syrup, rendang, puding, many of them..and we run out of them after a moment. we had to cook other meals so that everyone could eat. we were so sorry for the 'kekurangan makann'.hehehehe..

the reaction from wellingtonians a.k.a kiwis...
- delicious..i'm full but still want to eat..
- never see so many people in one time like many malaysians and
they are so friendly...
- it looks nice..i should try this one..
- what's this?u make this by urself?awesome!
- i like those rice so much..n the cookies yummy..i should come to
must be lot of food like these..
- i'm not vege, so i can eat anythng..awesome!
- is it ur own recipe?or mlaysian people love to create the new one?never taste it
- can i hv extra 1?hehehehe

the reaction from wellingtonians a.k.a malaysians...
- sedap weyh..sape msk lodeh tu?
- nasi hujan panas da abes?ruginye...
- nak tmbh kuah kcg ke?kitorg tunggu kuah kcg smpai bru gerak..hehehe
- tiramisu sedap gile..
- pinggan2!
- pergh..aku nmpk mee kari, lodeh, nasi hujan panas..
- puding sedapla..nak lg ley x?
- ni dh kali kelime aku tmbh mknn..
- korg nk blik da?aku xnk blik g..mkn x abes g ni..jap g nk tmbh g..
- nnt buat open house lg jmput tau..wajib..hehehehe

p/s:rugi sape2 xdtg..nxt year kitorg buat lg..IA..


  1. giler best celeb raya kat perantauan

  2. best gile..once in lifetime..
    yg plg best bile buat/pg open house..meriah gile..mknn kaw2 punye sedap..
    2 mnggu ni penoh ngn open house..
    nxt week ade lg..